Glass Worktops

Contemporary in design and incredibly hygienic, glass kitchen worktops can make an exceptional choice of kitchen surface for your home. Available in a variety of colours and styles, glass worktops can add a creative and unusual dimension to your kitchen space that will be greatly appreciated by both your family and guests within your home.

Unlike other worktops, the non-porous material of the glass means that it is unable to harbour any germs or bacteria , making it an extremely hygienic and easy-to-clean choice of worktop.

Glass Kitchen Worktops

Glass worktops may at first seem like an unusual choice for the kitchen, but there are actually many advantages to having glass kitchen worktops installed in your home.

Safe and incredibly durable, glass is the ideal choice of material for the kitchen as not only are glass surfaces extremely easy to clean and hygienic, but they are also heat resistant. This means that in even the busiest of kitchens, your glass kitchen worktops are guaranteed to remain in pristine condition, making them a valuable investment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Glass Worktops For Kitchens

Advances in the materials and technologies used to create stunning solid surface worktops means that glass worktops can be cut and shaped to fit a variety of kitchen sizes and shapes. Therefore, no matter what the dimensions of your kitchen you will not be disappointed with the seamless installation that you receive.

Glass kitchen worktops are cut to an accurate shape and to your preferred colours using computers and highly specialised machinery which can guarantee you kitchen worktops of superb quality. So, if you are trying to modernise the appearance of your kitchen then why not consider the sleek and contemporary style of glass worktops?

Bespoke Coloured Glass Worktops

Alternatively, when purchasing glass worktops you can also opt to add some vibrancy to your kitchen with coloured glass worktops. By deciding on coloured glass you can add some personality to your kitchen, helping to transform it into a fun and chic living area which will be appreciated by members of the entire family.

With bespoke glass worktops the sky really is the limit and there is a vast array of colour options for you to choose from. Furthermore, if you are unsure of which colour to opt for then you can always request a colour sample to match to the interior of your home. As a result, you can feel confident knowing that your glass kitchen worktops blend beautifully with the already existing décor within your home.

Glass Worktops And Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens And Bathrooms

Glass splash backs and glass kitchen worktops can be extremely beneficial to have in the home, as they are capable of lending a contemporary and unique style to the kitchen. For coloured glass worktops, Coloursafe panels are used in order to achieve a luxurious look in a shade that is perfect for you. As well as being eye-catching in appearance, glass worktops can also be treated to render them resistant to higher temperatures – making them perfect for use behind a hob.

Glass Worktops Prices

The cost of glass worktops can vary greatly, depending on which worktops you decide to opt for. Bespoke glass worktops prices are usually slightly higher, as worktops which incorporate coloured glass into their design can sometimes be pricier to manufacture, however, with such a large choice of low cost glass worktops to choose from it is possible to find glass worktops to suit a variety of budgets.

In addition to this, the latest in high-quality discount glass worktops can also be found online, so if you are looking for beautiful glass worktops that won’t leave you out of pocket, then you may be pleasantly surprised to find worktops at a price to suit you.

Glass Worktops UK

Do you feel that your kitchen could benefit from bespoke glass kitchen worktops? If so, then glass worktops UK can provide you with visually stunning, yet practical, glass kitchen worktops in a colour, size and shape of your choosing.

If you are interested in glass kitchen worktops then you may also be interested in other solid surface kitchen worktops – including quartz worktops, wooden worktops or maia worktops.