Learn More About Looking After Your Wooden Worktops And Keep Your Kitchen In Stunning Condition

Learn More About Looking After Your Wooden Worktops And Keep Your Kitchen In Stunning Condition

Do you have wood solid wood worktops placed in your kitchen? Wooden kitchen surfaces are popular within many homes as a result of their distinctive look and kitchen-friendly qualities. However, when you’re the lucky owner of gorgeous wooden surfaces how can you make certain that they are kept in beautiful condition? No matter what type of wood you have in your kitchen, by taking care to remember these following things you can keep your worktops looking as nice as the day that you bought them.

Opt For Oil

The best thing to do when trying to preserve your wooden worktops is treat it with oil. Good-quality oil will help to not only protect the wood whilst keeping it in excellent condition, but it will even help to give its colour some additional depth. So, if you want to make sure that your wooden surfaces are kept in the perfect condition, you need to only remove any spillages with a damp cloth and simply stick to a routine of oiling your surfaces every three months or so.

Don’t Forget Your Chopping Board

Whilst in your beautiful kitchen you’ll likely be cooking food regularly! Nevertheless, it is essential that whilst cooking food it is best to make certain you do so on a chopping board. Nobody wants to see their stunning new kitchen surfaces scuffed or scratched.

Keep Cool

One more thing to be wary of if you are looking to keep your wood worktops looking pristine, are hot saucepans and frying pans from the hob. Placing a hot item directly from the oven, for instance a baking tray, straight onto your services may damage or mark your wood. So, why not buy a trivet or pot stand to remedy this?

Keep Things On The Move

One of the many attractions of wooden surfaces, is that they as they age they become more beautiful and richer in tone. However, due to their ever-changing nature you should try to regularly change around the position of any appliances on your surfaces as otherwise the wood underneath may become discoloured or be paler in contrast to the rest of the surface. By making sure to regularly move objects around, you can rest assured that your wooden surfaces will remain even in colour.

Avoid Bleach And Chemicals

Washing-up liquid, bleach and cleaning sprays should all be avoided as they can potentially discolour your wooden surfaces. As a result, you should try to avoid using any of these products at all cost and immediately mop up any accidental spillages. This will ensure that your kitchen surfaces are kept in beautiful condition for longer.

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