Searching For New Kitchen Surfaces? Uncover The Fundamentals Of Granite Kitchen Worktops

Searching For New Kitchen Surfaces? Uncover The Fundamentals Of Granite Kitchen Worktops

Are you looking into buying a brand new worktop for your kitchen, and you are considering granite? Lots of people opt for granite over alternatives including wood or laminate because there are many benefits to be had from granite.

Generally, granite is an igneous rock that’s made from multiple natural minerals and materials. Because of this, granite is left with a luxurious sheen and spectacular appearance that’s hard to spot elsewhere. This means that you can depend on every granite slab to be unique; this can mean in colour, crystal variation and depth. Because of this, it is possible to make the most of beautiful kitchen surfaces that can be entirely unique to you.

Often the most contemporary choices of colour for granite are white, black and grey. Beautiful to behold, new granite surfaces provide the perfect way to boost the look of your kitchen. Having said that, granite is also able to provide homeowners a number of useful benefits. Very durable and heat-resistant, granite requires little maintenance and is extremely long-lasting.

Nevertheless, how can you ensure that after you have your beautiful new Granite kitchen worktops installed that you you can keep them in beautiful condition? Despite having the capacity to endure virtually all stains, there are a small number of substances which will have to be immediately cleaned up. This consists of oils, wine, mustard or any especially acidic substances. Having said that, all that is needed is basically that you give your surfaces a quick wipe-over with a wet cloth. In addition, nearly all granite surfaces would have been sealed with a protective coating prior to being sold. To help protect your kitchen surfaces, you can even choose to have your granite surfaces retreated with a protective sealant. If your granite worktops do become damaged then regrettably it is usually impossible to find granite to fit your existing worktops, for this reason it is so vital that you take better care of your worktops.

Before you have granite worktops fitted in your kitchen, your kitchen cabinets will have to be checked to ensure that they are capable of holding up the weight of the granite. This is because the average granite worktop can weigh up to 14kg per square foot. Having said this, there is no need for a sub deck to be installed between your cabinets and the new granite surface.

So, if you are keen to invest in some gorgeous new granite kitchen worktops of your very own, get in touch today and speak to one of our experts. For more information on maintaining your gorgeous granite surfaces, click here.

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