How To Choose The Perfect Quartz Solid Worktops For Your Kitchen

An increasingly popular choice of worktop material in many homes, quartz worktops are beginning to catch the attention of numerous home-owners who are drawn to the durability, beauty and aesthetic finish that quartz worktops have to offer.

A form of engineered stone which combines the eye-catching beauty of other materials such as granite with the benefits that only modern technology can offer; there is no surprise as to why quartz worktops could offer the ideal solution to any home-owner
looking to revamp or even decorate their kitchen for the first time.

Non-porous, hygienic, available in multiple colours and patterns and pretty much maintenance free – it is easy to see why quartz solid worktops could make the ideal choice. But when you are interested in having beautiful quartz worktops fitted in your home’s kitchen, how exactly are you supposed to go about selecting the perfect worktops for you?

Settle On Nothing But The Best For Your Kitchen

When you are having new quartz surfaces fitted in your kitchen, you will want the reassurance that you are leaving your kitchen in the hands of a professional and reputable suppliers and fitters. The kitchen worktop supplier you go with should be able to offer you a wide assortment of styles and models and be known for supplying nothing but the highest quality materials; sometimes the best way to find such a supplier, is to seek the opinion of family and friends, or research reviews on-line.

Whether you choose to go in store and pick out your kitchen work surfaces, or place your order on-line  by ensuring that you are informed on the suppliers and fitters that you are opting for you can be sure that you are getting a service and product that is of the highest quality.

Is The Brand Important?

There are numerous brands of quartz surfaces available around the world. So, which do you opt for?

Choosing the brand of your quartz shouldn’t be considered too big of a deal, as after all, the majority of quartz surfaces are made using the same materials, processes and machinery. The only real difference between the brands available to you will be the selection of colours, styles and designs that the particular brand has on offer.

So, rather than getting caught up in the many different brands that are available to you just ask yourself – what am I looking for in my quartz surfaces? If a traditional, mock-granite look is what you seek then opt for a brand that offers a variety of surfaces in this style. If costs are an issue, then obviously you will want to lean towards the better value brands. Let your style preferences sway your decision, not the name of the brand.

Innovative Design

What makes quartz so unique is the innovative technology that is used to create its one-of-a-kind finish. A mineral but not a stone itself, quartz is found in popular stone materials such as granite. Thanks to technology, quartz can now be easily transformed into a beautiful surface of its own, offering the strength and beauty of a seeming stone – but refined through technology to provide the many benefits that many modern householders crave. For example, it can be offered in an extensive array of patterns and colours and is highly resistant to stains and accumulations of grime and bacteria. This is what makes quartz such an ideal choice of surface for family homes.

Adding solid surface worktops to your kitchen can do wonders for transforming the entire appeal of your cooking area – so be sure to pick the best style of quartz for you, and it will seem as though you have an entirely new kitchen with killer style and for little expense.

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