Revamp Your Kitchen With Affordable Wooden Kitchen Surfaces

Revamp Your Kitchen With Affordable Wooden Kitchen Surfaces

Have you been looking to update your kitchen or give it a total revamp – but on a budget? If this is so, then why not consider purchasing new kitchen worktops for your kitchen? With the right choice of worktops you can create an entirely new style for your kitchen – be it traditional and homely, or sleek and contemporary.

There are kitchen worktops available to suit a variety of budgets. Great for both traditional and contemporary kitchens, wooden kitchen worktops can make the ideal choice for beautiful, long-lasting and hygienic kitchen surfaces. Offering an unbeatable natural appeal that is hard to find in any other kitchen work surface, there is no wonder that wood is such a popular choice on the market today.

So, why choose wooden worktops?

Now regarded as one of the most popular choices amongst home owners, wooden kitchen surfaces have an array of benefits to offer;

- They can look perfect in a countryside home, providing added rustic appeal. Therefore, if you reside in the country you will find that wooden surfaces could help to add not only beauty, but added value to your home.

- One of the more widely appreciated benefits of wooden surfaces is that they age beautifully. Find out more about alternative worktop materials here.

- Another highly-appreciated benefit of wood is that it is easy to clean and maintain. By applying a coating of oil once every couple of months or so, you can help to protect your surfaces from abrasive cleaning materials and keep them looking their best.

- An added benefit of wooden surfaces is that they are naturally resistant to bacteria, making them a beneficial choice of material for homes with young families.

- Finally, if you were to damage or mark your wooden worktops, the situation can easily be resolved by sanding the surface to reveal a fresh layer beneath. Easy!

One of the great things about wooden surfaces is that they can be obtained in a large selection of colours, types and finishes. However, this then poses the question – which wood should you opt for?

- Cherry or Iroko can make a great feature in any kitchen as a result of their unique appearance. Therefore, anyone interested in making a statement in the kitchen could opt for this more unusual choice.

- Oak is probably by far the most popular choice of wood to have in the kitchen. Extremely traditional and rustic in style, oak will have a dramatic impact on the overall look of your kitchen and is considered to be, by-far, the most beautiful choice of wood.

- For more contemporary kitchens, a wood that is lighter in colour such as maple would be a stunning choice. Perfect for any elegant and sleek kitchen, maple can afford your kitchen a more modern edge – making it ideal for young homes.

- Beech or Elm have a less imposing look and are relatively understated. Because of this, they would be a great choice for kitchens that are hoping to achieve a simple and clean look.

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