Do You Want To Learn Just How to Help Maintain Wood Worktops?

Do You Want To Learn Just How to Help Maintain Wood Worktops?

You might have seen decadent wood kitchen worktops and thought, that is just what I would like in my dream kitchen! If so, you’re not by yourself. Wood is a very desired surface, it is not only hard-wearing, but it offers a solid surface that lasts years or even decades. Wooden worktops are arranged from planks of solid wood. The strips chosen are then cut, graded and kiln dried to guarantee that the degree of dampness is acceptable for utilisation inside the kitchen. The planks and strips are then bonded together.

This production process, offers a secure and strong construction as not only does it keep natural flaws at a minimum, but it also guarantees a more steady grain. Understanding that, there’s always pattern, colour and grain variations to be admired due to it being a all-natural product. If you choose wooden surfaces, it is definitely worth-while keeping your wood worktops in tip-top condition. This can be accomplished through treating the wood frequently.

So, if you have or are considering getting solid wood worktops in your kitchen then it is worth considering the maintenance involved. They look utterly beautiful, which is why Wooden worktops are sought after, but the maintenance involved can put people off going ahead with their purchase. Yet, there really is not as much maintenance involved as you may think. You could even avoid having to treat the surface if you take care not to drag heavy or sharp objects along your Wooden surfaces. If you do incur any dents in your surface, be sure to see to them as soon as they occur. Having noticed a dent, it is advisable that you spray it with water, then place a damp cloth upon it and iron the surface. By doing this your Wooden worktop will rise back and amazingly, the dent will be removed!

To boost your surfaces if they start looking a little dull, you can apply an oil coating from time to time. This ensures that your Wooden surfaces can glow all year round no matter how much they are used. High quality wooden worktops would have been oiled prior to installation, but can be submersed to further oiling as and when necessary. In order to establish which oil is best for your wooden surfaces, contact your local kitchen worktop supplier. If you happen to experience any spillages or staining on your worktops, do be sure to clean them up as soon as possible. The quicker you can clean them up, the better as this will reduce the chance of permanent staining or damage.

Finally, if you have a habit of placing hot pans and pots directly onto your kitchen worktops… Don’t! Whilst high quality wooden surfaces should surfice, regular offenders will result in a scorched wooden surface. This is why it is well-worth investing in a good quality pot or pan stand, to make sure that any hot plates or pans are placed on a well-insulated stand. To gain more information on maintaining your highest quality wooden worktops, see our further wood worktop information here.

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