Thinking About Buying New Granite Worktops For Your Kitchen? Learn What To Look For In Beautiful Granite Surfaces

Thinking About Buying New Granite Worktops For Your Kitchen? Learn What To Look For In Beautiful Granite Surfaces

Have you been contemplating purchasing beautiful new for your kitchen? Despite its popularity, many people do not know much about Granite or what to look for when they are considering having it fitted in their home. Granite that is poor in quality should be avoided at all costs, as in comparison to high-quality Granite it will become damaged or break easily. As a result, before you decide to spend large amounts of money on new surfaces you should learn what to avoid in your choice of Granite.

Much like diamonds, the price of the Granite will usually reflect quality. So, it would seem that the pricier the Granite the more resilient and longer-lasting you would expect it to be. So, what should you try to avoid in your choice of Granite for the kitchen? To discover what you should be looking out for when buying new Granite worktops, read on, for our list of the biggest Granite no-no’s to look out for.


No matter how often it is polished, all Granite will show signs of some small holes. Nevertheless, lower-quality granite should have fewer holes. Therefore, the less pits you see in the Granite, the better it is.


Again, hairline cracks can be common with Granite slabs, however, the less you see the better the quality of the Granite. Granite slabs that look as though they are flawed with numerous hairline cracks may be a problem as if you are intending to have your surfaces cut to hold a sink, they may be more likely to break. This is because too many hairline cracks will make your Granite much weaker.

Unpolished Edges

Professional kitchen surface providers will always ensure that all of the edges on your Granite have been polished to ensure a long-lasting, smooth finish. Edges that have been expertly polished will be much more likely to last longer. However, you can immediately tell if Granite is lower in quality if the edges have been smoothed off with wax or a finishing spray, which will be sure to wear away and leave uneven edges.


When you are looking for the perfect Granite surfaces, you will most likely want surfaces that are consistent in thickness as this is what you would expect in any attractive worktops. However, if you are not careful in your selection of Granite, you could potentially end up with uneven kitchen work surfaces.

For a more thorough understanding in what to avoid when buying Granite surfaces, click here for more information.

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