Uncover the Important Steps Essential For All New Kitchens

Uncover the Important Steps Essential For All New Kitchens

Whether you’re searching for full details for wood kitchen worktops, Quartz worktops, Laminate or Granite, every new kitchen has to be mapped out efficiently. It is important to highlight the necessity to hire experts who are qualified and approved by the regulatory body. This is especially essential when choosing a person to carry out the gas, electric and plumbing work. Next, you should make sure you have correct proportions of your kitchen.

The initial step before any building work is to occur is to choose your new kitchen and the design you need. It may be that you’re selecting the style of your kitchen, yourself or maybe you are locating both from your kitchen area provider. Kitchen design however, isn’t just dependent on putting a few pretty icons on a paper grid and presuming they will fit into your shell easily. You’ll have to take the time to investigate the sizes readily available for both wall and floor cabinets if you choose to undertake this yourself.

So, we now have drawings to work to and you will require a copy for each separate trade who you hire to ensure everyone knows what they’re doing. Before handing them over you need to decide on layouts for lights and sockets. Locations of other appliances such as fridge freezers may also be of use – just be sure that all necessary information is marked clearly on your layout drawing. First up is the electrician who will layout the wiring for sockets, appliance feeds and lighting before the plasterer arrives. The plasterer may only be patch plastering for an existing room or he may be plastering a whole extension in which case sufficient drying out time is necessary before installing the cabinets. After plastering it’s time to schedule the plumber and gas fitter to install first fix feeds and waste pipes for your appliance locations.

Next up is the kitchen installer who, if you have got the first fix layout spot on, all he will have to do is fix your cabinets in place without needing to wait for other trades. Once the cabinets are in place it is time to install the Worktops. If you have chosen original worktops such as Corian kitchen worktops, then you will have arranged the templater to arrive the day you finished fitting the last cabinet – you can liaise with him on how you wish your surfaces to be fabricated.

After all your paint dries as well as your tiles, splashbacks and final connections are in place, it is then time to remove the protective sheets and clear the area of dust. Polish up those surfaces in preparation for the final stage – dressing, then your kitchen will be complete. If you are looking for further information about kitchen worktops or want to discover just how to choose the optimal kitchen worktop, see here.

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