Have You Always Wondered How To Look After Your Granite Worktop Effectively? Find Out Here

Have You Always Wondered How To Look After Your Granite Worktop Effectively? Find Out Here

A popular choice of material in the stone worktops family, Granite is well loved for its incredibly glossy finish and gorgeous classical style. As a result, it is undeniably a favourite amongst numerous households.

Granite worktops can lend a luxurious feel to both contemporary and traditional style kitchens, but are also appreciated for their easy-to-clean and hygienic qualities. However, if you are the proud owner of granite kitchen worktops, how do you keep your beautiful surfaces looking in pristine condition?

To help keep your Granite worktops in tip-top condition, we can offer the following care guidelines:

1)     Mop up all spillages – Being extremely resilient to the majority of stains, if you do happen to spill something on your granite worktops then there is no need to worry, as a quick wipe over with a damp cloth should usually do the trick. However, highly acidic or alkaline substances such as lemon juice or vinegar may pose a higher risk and should therefore be handled more carefully.

2)     Avoid excessive heat – Although heat-resistant, in order to prolong the life of your granite worktops it is best to try to avoid exposing your worktops to excessive heat. To do this, try to avoid placing saucepans onto your worktops straight from the hob. Instead, we advise using a kitchen tripod.

3)     Use a chopping board – To avoid scratching or marking your granite worktops, the use of a chopping board is highly recommended for when you are preparing food. Chopping blocks made from real wood can easily be obtained and can sometimes make a fantastic feature within your kitchen.

4)     Use a high-quality surface treatment – To maintain the natural sheen of your granite worktops, a surface treatment can be applied to your worktops. This should be used roughly every four months and will help to reduce the granite’s natural porosity.

5)     Remove stains – For the removal of general everyday stains such as wine, coffee or juice, you can use a simple water based stain remover to remove the stains. However, an alkaline degreaser is often recommended for grease or dirt stains.

By ensuring that you treat your granite worktops with respect, you can guarantee yourself long-lasting kitchen surfaces which will continue to look as sleek and eye-catching as the day that they were installed!

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