Kitchen Worktop Components Compete Against Each Other – Discover Which One Wins…

Kitchen Worktop Components Compete Against Each Other – Discover Which One Wins…

For anyone who is having problems picking your kitchen worktops to suit your kitchen, your search is over. Here we discuss the advantages of each worktop material, to help you decide specifically which surface area may benefit your home most.

Wood is an excellent choice of worktop, whilst being a very conventional type – there are so many types of Wood to select from, each with their own distinctive physical appearance, these include Oak, Walnut, Beech, Teak, Cherry, Wenge, Iroko, Ash, Elm and Sycamore. The visual quality you receive will depend upon the sort of Wood that you select. The advantages of selecting wood for your kitchen surface is that you simply gain both a warm and inviting feel to your kitchen, whilst also attaining from a hygienic surface. The woods which you choose may vary from the pattern in grain along with the tone, some may be paler or richer than others. If you wish to benefit from the appeal of wood within your kitchen, you are guaranteed to locate a type that meets your preferences. The one disadvantage to wood is it’s upkeep as it demands oiling twice otherwise it may dry out. Wood can also be prone to rusting and score marks too, but with the relevant maintenance this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you feel Wood isn’t for you, have you considered Quartz? Quartz worktops are available in a wide variety of shades as well as patterns, whilst having waterproof qualities and being very hard-wearing. For extra precaution, it is advisable that you still utilise pot stands and cutting boards where necessary. Quartz is non-porous, making it a hygienic selection too. If you have young children and are fed up with finger marks and smudges on your worktops, you’ll be relieved to know that Quartz doesn’t show up.

Laminates offers a less pricey option of kitchen worktop. The beauty of bathroom Laminate worktops is that it can be purchased in the design of other more expensive work surfaces, like Marble. Laminate are stain and moisture resistant, but there lower price unfortunately means that they will age less effectively. Laminate makes for an effective choice as a short-term solution, but in the long-term it can show signs of aging quickly which is why the quality of Laminate doesn’t compare to that of granite. On the plus side, the wide array of colours and styles mean that there are plenty of finishes out there.

Lastly, if Wood, Quartz nor Laminate suit your taste in decor, why not take a look at Granite worktops. You simply cannot go wrong with Granite, and yet again – with such a diverse range of designs and colourings, you can gain the kitchen of your dreams with ease. Grooves can be cut into your Granite worktops to provide adequate drainage for your sink, whilst the hard wearing quality makes for a long-lasting selection. Available in gloss or matt, the choice is yours. If stains or spillages occur, it is essential that you wipe them away as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining.

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